Just Stick To The Schedule #GetHealthy


Health Calendar

Updates for November on our health journey.

My daughter did as well as could be expected considering she was ill for most of November. Thanksgiving cooking (we don’t eat American traditional, but not healthy) created two days worth of shenanigans that forced me to say no way for non-healthy cooking this coming December holiday season.

My water intake is up. I have been getting up at the crack of the morning for my walks, so I wouldn’t have an excuse to say forget it after work. We are making our vegetable quota, but meditation and strength training still need improvement.

All things considered, I am happy with my progress. This upcoming weekend, I am going to take a walk through the organic market to familiarize myself with the options. I hate to say it, but we mostly get items for our hair there. Yes, our hair was treated better than the inside of our bodies.

The above calendar is where we were supposed to record our progress. I suck at that. It sits on our fridge. I must say, my side is blank even though I could have checked many of the tabs. Oh, well.

How is your purpose driven month going? Any successes to share?



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