I’m Doing Camp NanoWriMo #AmWriting

So the last few months at the day job have been… stressful. I mean, come home eat, try to calm down, and go to sleep stressful. I have writing goals that are not being properly implemented as a result. This is completely unacceptable. So, this April, I am going to participate in Camp NanoWriMo.


In April and July the NanoWriMo folks hold camp and anyone can set up a writing goal and track their progress over the month. You can join a “cabin” of like-minded folks or decline to join a cabin. The point, for me at least, is to hold myself accountable for a period of time and remove myself from simply surviving the day job to actively working on my goals.


I will be working on a bit of speculative fiction during this month. Is anyone else out there doing Camp NanoWriMo 2018 this April?


Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month.

Just Stick To The Schedule #GetHealthy


Health Calendar

Updates for November on our health journey.

My daughter did as well as could be expected considering she was ill for most of November. Thanksgiving cooking (we don’t eat American traditional, but not healthy) created two days worth of shenanigans that forced me to say no way for non-healthy cooking this coming December holiday season.

My water intake is up. I have been getting up at the crack of the morning for my walks, so I wouldn’t have an excuse to say forget it after work. We are making our vegetable quota, but meditation and strength training still need improvement.

All things considered, I am happy with my progress. This upcoming weekend, I am going to take a walk through the organic market to familiarize myself with the options. I hate to say it, but we mostly get items for our hair there. Yes, our hair was treated better than the inside of our bodies.

The above calendar is where we were supposed to record our progress. I suck at that. It sits on our fridge. I must say, my side is blank even though I could have checked many of the tabs. Oh, well.

How is your purpose driven month going? Any successes to share?



Keep It Honest #AmWriting #AmEditing


So, this blog will initially be used to keep me honest. It is working. I had to put NaNoWriMo on hold this month as a submission call hit my mailbox and it fit a manuscript I had which was just about finished.

I’ve spent the last two weeks getting it together, writing, editing, and revising. Last night I finished the first revision and sent it off to a beta reader.

Before I even hit send I knew what I needed to work on next. Besides the query and synopsis, I have an idea for a new story. Things are looking up this winter.

How is your life purpose coming? Have you started? Are you killing it? Need a lifeline?


#GetHealthy Recipe Tried: Zucchini Ribbons with Basil and Parmesan

Hi All,

We have upped our fruit and vegetable intake, but the idea is to introduce one new recipe a week. I think if you come from a background of non-modified soul food it is a little too much to ask to jump right into a different style of eating. I will be trying new things slowly so I can be healthy and satisfied with my meals.

To that end, I bought a new cookbook to help with this anti-inflammation fight. I love Andrew Weil, MD, so when I saw his book, Fast Food, Good Food, I scooped it up.

I allowed my teenage daughter to choose the first recipe. She chose Zucchini Ribbons with Basil and Parmesan. This is a salad with some really simple ingredients including, of course, zucchini. I chose organic ingredients where I could.

Disclaimer: As a child, this was the vegetable I pushed into the napkin and squished under the side of my plate.

Apparently, zucchini is packed with vitamins and helps to lower cholesterol. We left out the pine nuts, as the family has nut allergies.


Here were the reviews:

Me: It’s time to taste.

Pause for utensils and chewing.

Me: What does it taste like?

Kid: It’s kind of spicy.

Me: I don’t think so. It’s actually not bad.

Kid: It doesn’t taste like anything. Not bad. I would prefer to eat the parmesan by itself.

Me: Laughing. So, thumbs up or thumbs down for a quick salad on the side?

Kid: Shows a thumbs up as she finishes her portion.

Me: Thumbs up.




So, apparently this one will be added to our repertoire.




Purpose #AmWriting #GetHealthy

This is a brief post to kick-off my new blog. I will be using the blog to keep myself accountable in three areas.

First, my child has several chronic illnesses that do not play nicely together. Traditional Western Medicine has not helped her and any progress has been through happenstance. I have a couple of inflammation related problems as well so I decided, if all these issues are related to inflammation, let’s attack it. I’ll try to give weekly updates on modifying our diet and exercise plans. We may also look into a few alternative therapies.

Second, I’m a writer. If you don’t write, can you call yourself a writer?

It has been a rough couple of years with health issues and that affected my mental health to the point where I couldn’t seem to find the energy to do what I love. That’s over. I started small, working on short stories and am now ready to get back to novellas and novels. This blog is where I will keep myself accountable. Even if it means asking for help, which those who know me, understand is a super big step.

Third, in keeping with moderating my mood, I need a hobby. Right now my hobby is sleeping. I want to try a hobby from my childhood to see if that will bring extra balance to my life.

I hope you will take this journey with me. I hope to see you along the way. What is your purpose for the upcoming year?